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#18 feature BCV Opening *.java files is not working.

BCV 4.4.1 stable
adam kajrys

new feature "BCV Opening *.java files" is not working.

Error: Editor could not be initialized.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Java Model Exception: Java Model Status [jndildapsearch does not exist]
    at com.drgarbage.bytecode.BytecodeUtils.toFullyQualifiedTypeName(BytecodeUtils.java:362)

where jndildapsearch is the package of the java file I wanted to open with bytecode visualizer


  • The project class path does not always have the structure:
    /project/bin folder/package/class

    This feature does not work for example for maven based projects with the class path like:

    The calculation of the class path has to be optimized.

  • fixed in revision 490

  • adam kajrys
    adam kajrys

    fix works with projects which are in the current workspace of eclipse. it is not working with imported projects though.

  • Will be fixed in the next release.

    • status: open --> accepted
    • assigned_to: adam kajrys --> Sergej Alekseev
    • Milestone: BCV 4.3.5 beta --> BCV 4.3.5 stable
    • Milestone: BCV 4.3.5 stable --> BCV 4.4.0 stable
    • Milestone: BCV 4.4.0 stable --> BCV 4.4.1 stable