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DrFTPD 2.0.5

DrFTPD 2.0.5 released, get it while it's hot.

Posted by tdsoul 2007-04-08

DrFTPD 0.9.0

DrFTPD 0.9.0 released, get it while it's hot.
lftp 2.6.8 with PRET support released.

Posted by Morgan Christiansson 2003-10-16

FlashFXP and lftp PRET support

FlashFXP Build 928 Beta (available to registered users) supports PRET
lftp CVS supports PRET

Posted by Morgan Christiansson 2003-10-09

Assorted news

Wanted to bring some news. A lot has been happening with DrFTPD recently.

Firstly, i changed hosting of the homepage to my own server. The change included a new hostname, http://drftpd.mog.se. The old hostnames still work. The new host features a wiki so it's easy for anyone to add/update content.

I released the PRET specification described here: http://drftpd.mog.se/wiki.phtml?title=Distributed_PASV which has gained quick adoption. So far SmartFTP and Staff-FTP authors have added support myself, pftp is distributing a patch from their site and there is a patch for lftp from drftpd.mog.se.... read more

Posted by Morgan Christiansson 2003-09-16

DrFTPD v0.7.0 released

DrFTPD v0.7.0 released

I just release DrFTPD v0.7.0 and i hope someone wants to try it out,
either to test it and contribute back to it (bug reports, suggestions,

It is available for download from DrFTPD's sourceforge project page:

This is a beta release intended for administrators and developers to try
out. It is fully functional and is currently already up and on a cluster
available to select users.... read more

Posted by Morgan Christiansson 2003-08-14

Mailing list

First post!

I set up a drftpd-discuss mailinglist for the project to keep track of any interested users.

Hopefully i will get some more work on this project over the summer.

Posted by Morgan Christiansson 2003-05-08