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DrdSim / News: Recent posts

Release for Windows

DrdSim was finally made to run under M$win again. The Win32 version of the 0.9 release is now available for downloading. Just remember that the recommended way to use DrdSim is to check it out from SVN and compile it in Linux.

Posted by Jan Hranac 2013-12-21 Labels: windows

New Release

A new release is available. After finishing the version 0.8, a goal was selected for version 0.9: to create a combat system. This was achieved, after some complications, more than a year ago. Unfortunately, it took another year to truly finish the functionality.
Well, better late than never.

Posted by Jan Hranac 2013-11-02


The project is slowly (I usually get to this only every other weekend) but surely progressing. The current focus is the combat system (based on the rules of "Advanced Combat System" from DRD). Also, I'm no longer alone on this so we can expect the 0.9 release in about a half a year.

Posted by Jan Hranac 2011-12-25

Project created

Project for DrdSim created on SF. Everything is still "under construction" not only here, but on the project website as well. First public release (0.8c) and documentation will be made available in both places today and I'll get svn running as well in a few days.

Posted by Jan Hranac 2010-09-24