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#215 Some dvr-ms files accepted others not


I recorded two shows through Windows Media Center, i was going to use Dr. Divx to convert them, and i added the first one into the batch queue and it went along fine and then i tried to ad the second one and it wouldnt. So i tried to add the file that wouldnt work in the batch to the single file conversion, where i got this error: "This File is not decodable by Dr. Divx OSS: Unidentified error". Why will the doctor accept some DVR-MS files and not others? I am not going to upload the files unless you need them due to the massive size of DVR-MS files


  • meemster

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    I have the exact same problem. I recorded a whole TV series so all of the files are similar in content and in size and duration. I didn't try to edit the DVR-MS files, like some people do, with a 3rd party program to delete the commercials -- I left the file completely intact the way it outputs from Media Center.

    Dr. DivX accepted some and not others. Same error message that the previous guy cited. It seemed pretty random in selecting which ones it wouldn't take and which ones it would. I tried them all as individual conversions and batch conversions. It reliably fails on the same files regardless of batching them or not.

    Oh, and I also have a thin staticky line at the top of my successfully converted files, but that's no biggie.

    If this bug could get fixed it'd save about half of my media drive storage space, thanks!