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Ok, after a long period of complete inactivity, I've finally had time to get back to this.

Accordingly I've scrapped the hodge-podge of bash and perl that used to make up this project and have rewritten the whole thing in Ruby (that delightful language from Japan).

In doing so, I haven't quite got all the functionality I used to have, but the code is a LOT cleaner and easier to work with.

So right now, backing up routers works, querying router IOS versions, ifTables, cpu and memory usage all work.... read more

Posted by David de Groot 2005-09-15

Latest Status

Development has stalled while other work commitments take a front seat. I'm hoping to get some time soon to continue development or at least port what I have (a working backup system) to Solaris (and thus other Unices). There are only a couple of linux dependencies at this stage (put in there initially to speed development), so I can't imagine removing them should be too difficult.

Once I've done that, I'll release the base functionality and then continue on the pretty front-end and idiot-proof side of things.

Posted by David de Groot 2004-11-21

drcms Status update

Currently work is still progressing towards our first release of files.

Although we now have a working backup script, and a working group backup script, there is still considerable work left on such important features as scheduling and config comparison before a front-end can be written and a file release made.

However, our current plan has a preliminary beta release scheduled around Sept/Oct of this year.

Posted by David de Groot 2004-08-03