#6 Moderation

Kevin Boyd

I would like for Drawboard users to be able to enter a
password and become a "moderator" - If you have five
people using Drawboard, but only one actually needs to
be drawing, it would be useful if that one client
could "lock" the whiteboard so other users couldn't
modify or erase the work that was being done.

Perhaps the password could be supplied using the
server startup parameters, with a little button in the
interface to start the authentication process?

Also, if you do implement this process, it would be
useful for the moderator to allow individual connected
clients (perhaps displayed by IP address/hostmask)
permission to modify the whiteboard.


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    It's interesting proposition, but probably won't be
    implemented this way. Internal client architecture don't
    fit such functionality.

    If I write it, there will be rather separate applet with
    moderation console. It's still plenty of coding, so don't
    expect it in month or two. Neverthless I don't say "no", so
    please be patient.