#773 Add support for google apps accounts

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As per a comment on issue 3133676, Saros does not work correctly with google apps accounts as it scrubs the domain from login name before authentication. There is code in Saros.java (Line 638) to check for google accounts. An additional check for server name should be added to flag talk.google.com as requiring the domain appended to the login name. Code should look like:

if (domain.equalsIgnoreCase("gmail.com")
|| domain.equalsIgnoreCase("googlemail.com")
|| server.equalsIgnoreCase("talk.google.com")) {
username += "@" + domain;


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  • Saros Version ?
    Mac OS ?

    Works fine on Windows (and should work for Mac). Tested with talk.google.com

  • If you are using an old Saros Version (pre 2012) and do not use Mac OS(if you use MAC OS, try to install a Java 7 JVM from Oracle), just leave the server field empty and all should work well.


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    I am changing the resolution back to none - take a good look at the code and actually test it using a google apps account (user.name@mydomain.com), and you will see that this is a valid issue/bug/missing feature.

  • The SVN Repo is out of date. Please use the GIT repo.

    BTW, the server has nothing to do with the login name.

    JID = foo@gmail.com
    Server: example.com

    Login would be: Username: foo@gmail.com, Pw: *****, Server: example.com

    PS: I always test stuff before I respond.

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  • Anonymous

    You may wish to update your dev guide, as there is still a reference to the svn repository.

    I originally encountered this issue in Saros 12.9.28 obtained via http://dpp.sourceforge.net/update

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