list of groups - sub result

  • Hi!

    1) I really like this app, thank you!
    I will definitely needed it:
    Till now I had to manage the mass binary comparison elsehow.
    Time to time I really check for identical files,
    analysing their content.

    2) sub result
    However, such analysis can take huge time:
    Imagine my HDD of 200 GB of data...

    What I would need is the sub result,
    the result of the firts step as described on

    > Description of the Duplicate Files Finder Algorithm
    > First, all files are sorted by their size, because files can be only equal, if they have the same size (logically).
    > Then the files are compared with each other...

    Well, only I need sometimes is the list of the groups (described by the size only)
    and the files of that size (+ full path)
    ...even a textual exported txt would be enough.

    Why is it enough?
    There are many files I can say immediately that these are not same, or does not matter.
    in that huge amount of data I expect cca 4000 groups,
    and only cca 50 I expect to be resolved, as really important.
    Such analysis I actually performed in a few seconds,
    with this recent tool...

    From the UI perspective,
    a check box y/n "continue with binary analysis" would be enough, wdn't be?

    Please, enhance the app that way,
    please, give me the sub result.

    Thank tou!