Forward delete on Spanish keyboard on Mac Pro

  • Emile N Nucho
    Emile N Nucho

    I have a peculiar problem on my hands regarding the forward delete feature. I used to have a MacBook (it just croaked on me) with a standard US English keyboard on which I was happily using one of the keys as a forward delete key.

    Now I have a brand new MacBook Pro with a Spanish keyboard. Of course, I download and installed Double Command, BUT I cannot figure out which key to use to create a FD key.

    To be honest, I have no idea whether this is a MBP or MBA keyboard, but I can tell you what the first row keys say they are:

    From left to right: fn, ctrl, alt (with something that looks like a railyard shunt tracks), cmd (with the 4-leaf clover symbol) the tab bar, right cmd (with same 4-leaf clover symbol) right alt (with the same symbol as on the left one), left, right, up and down arrow keys.

    Can anyone help please?