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Dota Map Downloader / News: Recent posts

Relased version 1.4 beta

This new version corrects a little bug while finding the MD5 hash from the original website

Posted by Mario Guidi 2009-06-26

V1.3 - Converted to C# from VB.NET - Mono version is near!

To improve compatibility with Mono framework, the project has been converted to C#.
Note : this is not a rewrite, just a conversion through a free VB.NET TO C# program.

Posted by Mario Guidi 2009-02-22

Small Update for DotA Map Downloader - v1.2

Added a MD5 Hash File Check to prevent corrupted downloads.

Posted by Mario Guidi 2008-12-11

DotA Map Downloader beta 1.1 OUT!

This new version is compatible with the new layout of the official download site http://www.getdota.com and there are some little new features.

Posted by Mario Guidi 2008-11-19