#463 Prehostoric2 locks up dosemu

Stas Sergeev

When you start the first level, dosemu
locks up completely. The stack trace is
like this:

(gdb) bt

0 Gen_sim (op=<optimized out="">, mode=32772) at codegen-sim.c:2560

1 0x000000000047f77d in e_vgaemu_fault (scp=0x7fff42be3d68,

page_fault=<optimized out>) at sigsegv.c:360

2 0x000000000047fe2e in e_emu_fault (scp=0x7fff42be3d68) at sigsegv.c:513

3 0x0000000000442f92 in dosemu_fault1 (signal=<optimized out="">,

scp=0x7fff42be3d68) at sigsegv.c:91

4 0x0000000000443983 in dosemu_fault0 (scp=0x7fff42be3d68, signal=11)

at sigsegv.c:441

5 dosemu_fault (signal=11, si=<optimized out="">, uc=0x7fff42be3d40)

at sigsegv.c:456

6 <signal handler="" called="">

7 0x00007fc53c012f55 in ?? ()

8 0x0000000000000246 in ?? ()

9 0x000000000046e855 in Exec_x86 (G=0xc777e0, ln=295) at codegen-x86.c:3248

10 0x0000000000c17880 in InstrMeta ()

11 0x00000000004715f3 in CloseAndExec_x86 (PC=43157, mode=<optimized out="">,

ln=295) at codegen-x86.c:3149

12 0x00000000004616b3 in JumpGen (P2=43157, mode=3, cond=5,

btype=<optimized out>) at interp.c:295

13 0x00000000004633e2 in Interp86 (PC=43157, mod0=<optimized out="">)

at interp.c:984

14 0x000000000046befb in e_vm86 () at cpu-emu.c:1201


  • Stas Sergeev
    Stas Sergeev

    WTF is with formatting???

  • Bart Oldeman
    Bart Oldeman

    There is a piece of code there in codegen-sim.c that shouldn't be there (IIRC I used it for testing; it's from a patch from a few months ago by me, but it's not good).

    Could you confirm if the attached patch does the trick? Then I'll commit it to git.

  • Stas Sergeev
    Stas Sergeev

    dosemu no longer locks up but the
    prehistoric still does, right about
    the same place.
    Also, there are many many video problems
    with its intros. There are many intros at
    start, every one with different problems
    under dosemu (just compare it on dosbox).
    On a positive side, the music stutters
    under dosbox but not under dosemu.