DOSBox 0.62 has been released

Dosbox is a full x86 emulator. It is written in C/C++ and supports sound and
dos. Main purpose of Dosbox is running old dos games on platforms which
don't have dos (i.e. win2k/XP/FreeBSD/Linux)

The most important new features are:

  • Improved compatibility.
  • Most games run faster.
  • Intelligent MPU 401 emulation.
  • ISO/disk image support.
  • Dynamic cpu core is more stable than 0.61.
  • Custom videochipset for cga, tandy and hercules emulation.
  • Improved timer emulation.
  • Improved pcspeaker emulation.
  • Improved gus emulation.
  • Improved the internal DOS.
  • Vga emulation fixes.
  • Vesa/vga bios fixes.
  • Improved interpolating internal mixer with volume settings.
  • Raw Adlib/midi capturing.
  • Added support for ddraw.
  • Added IPX emulation.

Get it at:
Peter Veenstra

Posted by Peter Veenstra 2004-09-29