Dosbox is a full x86 emulator. It is written in C/C++ and supports sound and  
dos. Main purpose of Dosbox is running old dos games on platforms which  
don't have dos (i.e. win2k/XP/FreeBSD/Linux) 
There were a lot of changes since the last version and here is a short list of the larger changes: 
- 4/15/16/32 Added video capturing to avi 
- Improved screen updating for more speed 
- PCjr machine mode added 
- Speedup cpu cores and fix endian issues 
- FPU core speedup with assembly 
- Improved builtin dos with umbs and better fat support 
- Added VCPI emulation and fixed some issues with ems 
- Improved support for booter games 
- Modem and IPX support improved for multiplayer 
For more information visit: 

Peter Veenstra.