#88 Add IPF floppy disk image support


Finally, after all these years, and as of today, The Software Preservation Society is proud to present the support of further platforms with our Interchangeable Preservation Format (IPF). This will be a great relief for collectors around the globe. Among the new platforms supported are also Atari ST and IBM PC, and this even works for dual or triple format software which is what we have chosen for the first batch released today. Why start with the ordinary, when you can have a real challenge? Especially Thalion games were fun to work with as some of them must have had more time spent on the disk protection than on the whole game itself. We have a huge backlog of dumps made for these platforms, but we're working on them, so please keep 'em coming. If in doubt - dump it. You can still do this with our original capture tools for the Amiga and soon with KryoFlux, our high resolution flux sampler for USB.

Playback of the new images requires the latest library from our site and updated host software (e.g. WinUAE, already available as beta). HxC, the hardware floppy emulator, has also been updated to support the new images and we'd like to thank Jean-françois Del Nero for comprehensive testing on real computers. Once again, we're pretty proud all is working out fine so far, and we'd like to share this moment of joy with you.

More info at: http://www.softpres.org/
Developer distribution of the IPF library: http://www.softpres.org/download