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#76 TOC File support

Benjamin Leggett

Currently Dosbox provides CD image mounting capabilites for iso and bin+cue files. However, a lot of CD copying software uses bin+toc, which is almost exactly the same except for the .toc file's different format.

Dosbox doesn't work with .toc files as it does with .cue files, and on non-Windows systems, conversion between .toc and .cue is problematic. I realize that dosbox can't support all image formats, but since toc+bin is only trivially different from cue+bin, it would probably not be that hard to do.


  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

    do you still need this now that you have discovered toc2cue ?

  • Yes, toc2cue isn't terribly robust. The image I'm using is a mixed-mode data/audio type, and toc2cue specifically says that it doesn't work with these, since the byte order on the data track will be wrong after conversion. I tried it anyway, but as expected, it doesn't work.