#54 Increased Mixer Functionality

Joe A. Bunt

I really liked that the mixer command was added in. I
really like it and it works great for me. I just add it into
the config file for each game I want to run, and I never
have to wory about the volume being just too loud.
That's for the games that don't have their own volume
controls of course :) The only problem I have is that
there doesn't seem to be a MIDI control. For AdLib you
adjust the FM I know, but nothing seems to effect the
MPU-401 volume (which I tend to use alot for the higher
quality.) Even dropping the MASTER volume down to
25% didn't seem to have an effect on it :( Any chance a
control for that could be added in? If not, I can still use
the MIDI Synth volume on my Windows volume
controls. It would just be more convienent to adjust it in
the config files like everything else.