Commit Date  
[r3839] by ripsaw8080

CD audio status returns zero start and end times when no track is playing. Fixes The Manhole.

2013-10-22 17:40:41 Tree
[r3838] by qbix79

Implement mixer /listmidi for coremidi. Thanks for the assistance Dominus

2013-10-21 20:54:22 Tree
[r3837] by qbix79

Add midi.h to project file

2013-10-18 11:57:45 Tree
[r3836] by qbix79

Rework ListMidi so it can be more easily added to more backends.

2013-10-18 11:55:02 Tree
[r3835] by qbix79

Rework ListMidi so it can be more easily added to more backends.

2013-10-18 11:53:11 Tree
[r3834] by qbix79

typos and warnings

2013-10-18 11:48:01 Tree
[r3833] by h-a-l-9000

Fix Hexsider display in Hercules mode. The game changes the CRTC base address to scroll in the buffer. Reported by VileRancour.

2013-06-16 20:46:36 Tree
[r3832] by h-a-l-9000

By implementing Tandy special handling of the palette:
- fix Starflight background color (reported by HunterZ)
- keep Pirates! map background correct

Also fix the palette after mode switch on the PCJr. Fixes Frogger II composite mode color attributes (reported by VileRancour).

2013-06-16 20:42:27 Tree
[r3831] by ripsaw8080

Initialize last byte of command tail.

2013-05-26 01:03:33 Tree
[r3830] by qbix79

Workaround for using (windows) directories insides cue files on Linux.

2013-05-21 18:15:15 Tree
[r3829] by qbix79

Fix bug 391 by relaxing the SET /P check.

2013-05-09 14:07:04 Tree
[r3828] by qbix79

Fix an out of bounds write error. Some more protection when reading in data and finally fix a few type casts warnings.

2013-05-09 14:05:39 Tree
[r3827] by qbix79

Extend fullresolution=0x0 to more OSes. Tested on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Thanks for the hint about SDL_GetVideoInfo ny00123

2013-03-25 20:07:42 Tree
[r3826] by qbix79

Silence some warnings in the misc directory

2013-03-24 21:12:43 Tree
[r3825] by qbix79

Use uppercase characters for ScanCMDBool. Explicitly disallow Set/P

2013-03-20 14:38:53 Tree
[r3824] by qbix79

Replace NV_PixelDataRange with ARB_PixelBufferObject extension. Thanks gulikoza

2013-03-18 19:52:41 Tree
[r3823] by qbix79

Uniform warning message

2013-03-18 12:35:53 Tree
[r3822] by qbix79

Enable interupts after running INT 25 and 26, fixes Eol-ui Moheom installer (ripsaw)

2013-03-18 12:34:13 Tree
[r3821] by qbix79

Refinements of an earlier fix. Thanks ripsaw

2013-03-11 08:20:39 Tree
[r3820] by qbix79

Make system handler 24 pages, Fixes Mega Blast and maybe others. Thanks ripsaw

2013-02-28 10:30:26 Tree
[r3819] by qbix79

A cdrom has always 65535 clusters on a drive. Fixes regression with titus CD with mount, fixes usage with an image as well.

2013-02-26 20:22:15 Tree
[r3818] by qbix79

Clean up

2013-02-14 15:00:55 Tree
[r3817] by qbix79

Add int 33 0x2a for speed manager 96. (ripsaw)

2013-02-09 21:11:32 Tree
[r3816] by qbix79

max cycles code now uses averaging as well when stepping down

2013-02-07 19:25:58 Tree
[r3815] by h-a-l-9000

Use current address instead of (current page * page size) for the scroll window base. This is the implementation in S3 and IBM VGA. Tseng BIOSes have the previous, incompatible implementation. Fixes an advertisement program and possibly others I don't remember. Patch by ripsaw.

2013-01-27 18:27:36 Tree
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