#55 World of Xeen Stalling.

Rith Gythal

When playing World of Xeen (which is Might and Magic IV
and V installed together) on version .55, the game
strangely stalls when you turn to face certain squares
from a certain direction, whereas approaching them from
a different direction may allow you to move in
normally. For example, if you're facing north and turn
east, the game may stall. However, if you turn west
and back up into the same square, it keeps going.
Consequently, if you try to turn around to face east
while on that square, the game will again stall. This
only seems to happen on the world map, rather than
inside dungeons and towns. Sound will also keep
playing; everything else completely halts. Perhaps
that will help.
A quick test in DOS mode proved that the problem is in
DosBox, rather than the game itself. Unfortunately, if
the wrong square is afflicted, you cannot proceed in
the game. In many cases, it makes the game fairly
unplayable. Oddly enough, I didn't encounter this
problem the first time I was playing until I had been
playing for several days; in an attempt to fix it, I
updated and restarted my save. As soon as I stepped
out of town, I encountered the error again, in places I
had previously had no problems with.
The only other minor problem is with high-frequency
sounds, which you already seem to know of. It was a
true joy to run these classics again, and I look
forward to the next release.
Oh, one last thing: maybe it's possible to put in
support for higher IRQs? For some stupid reason, when
I updated my drivers (in the hope that problem was with
them, rather than with DosBox), they removed their
legacy sound driver. The end result is worsened sound,
and, being the lovely company they are, they offer no
solution... or even apology. If you could find a way
to implement support for higher IRQs, or just put a
note as to which IRQ setting would be best for IRQs
above 9, that'd be very helpful.


  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    hmm well dosbox doesn't use your legacy driver. It uses SDL
    for sound output.(which uses DirectX).

    The soundcard you see in Dosbox is an emulated one written
    by us/others. It processes the sounds that are played in
    dosbox(by the game) and generates a soundstream that is
    played by sdl.

    The other error I don't know.

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    The bug has been fixed.
    Wait for the upcoming new version to see it.


    The updated source is available by cvs.

    See the link on top of the screen for information on how to get
    the new sources.

    The DOSBox Team