#313 cd_laber_error


Dear Dosbox crew!
I had problems with a game, and i'm almost ablolutely soure, that i found a DosBox bug.
Name of the game is Little Big Adventure 2 (original disc)

Common knowledge, that the game checks the cd-label. label has to be "LBA2"
I mount the disc(correctly), start it, and everything is fine, but somehow dosbox forgets the CD-title.
After some animations the game checks it again, and asks for the CD.

Easier to understand:
Start the game, everything is fine. Quit, and start again, game doesn't start. Asks for CD. I belive dosbox forgot the cd-title somehow. (and there is a point in the game where i can't continue, because it asks for the cd, so the game is not completable.) Other games might have an issue like this too.

Tried the AEP CVS... game doesn't start at all (tried more CVS versions different dates) the -title option doesn't even work.(asks for the original cd)

But here's the catch:D Tried the 0.70 version, and works ike a charm. (any version 0.70 and before works)
Played the game, quit, play again, played at least for an hour, no problems.

So, you might need to check this CD-title thing in the new versions.
I write here, because this is the only address i found.
The Vogons forumas are absolutely unsearchable for me, total chaos.

I hope, you'll anser me:D
If you do, please tell me, if you know when will be a new version of DosBox(and will my error be corrected?)

Thank you, and please keep up with the great work you are doing, becaue DosBox is one of the best apps in the world!

Your Friend:
Laszlo Kereszteny.

PS: this bug might be hard to reproduce without the exact game, so if you need it, i can upload the game for you, just ask in private.


  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

    GOG.com has released LBA2 bundled with DOSBox.
    As there are no reports on their forum that this problem exists. I take it that it has been fixed. (GOG.com themselves playtest games from start to finish before releasing as well)

    Not sure when it was fixed though