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#265 Psycho Pinball vertical tilt and doublewidth problems

graphics (66)

In Psycho Pinball, when vertically tilting the table,
the game switches resolution, perhaps to hide the top
of the table that appears at the bottom when you do.
This switching of resolution creates visual disruption
and releases all pressed keys, of which especially the
latter is annoying. The change in vertical resolution
(height) is from 367 to 355, in steps of 1 per frame I
believe. This is in high-resolution mode. Low-res
normally runs on 320x240, but I don't know to which
mode it switches.

A fix for this can be placed in
src/hardware/vga_draw.cpp at line 645 (in the 0.65
version), just before "vga.draw.lines_total=height;".
This is it:

if (height <= 367 && height > 354)
height = 367;

I assume this is not a usuable fix, because it may
adversely affect other games. Perhaps the sequential
change in mode by 1 pixel can be made use of for
detection. Or, some kind of signature checking of the
P.EXE executable in memory can be included in the
condition. Or perhaps you know an elegant way :)

Also, the doublewidth=false is necessary to avoid the
table appearing twice too wide. I don't know much about
doublewidth though, and how it should be handled, so I
don't know the proper place for this fix.


  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    Originator: NO

    The resolution/tilt stuff should have been fixed.

  • Halfgaar

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    Originator: YES

    I just installed dosbox 0.70, and I noticed that Pinball Psycho is still stretched horizontally. The "doublewidth=false" line fixed this. Is there a reason why this wasn't adopted for version 0.70?

  • c2woody

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    Because it's wrong? Try different output= settings
    and maybe change fullresolution= .
    There's no matching resolution for the game's query
    so you have to find an output mode that stretches
    the resolution to the full size.

  • Halfgaar

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    Originator: YES

    The output or fullresolution don't affect the stretching.

    Also, the problem exists in windowed mode as well. Screenshots indicate that it runs at 640x367, which is a very odd resolution. I don't know exactly what the doublewidth option is supposed to do, but disabling it results in a perfect display.

  • Halfgaar

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    Originator: YES

    Allow me to reopen this bug. It has come to my attention that since version 0.72, a more advanced way to prevent the errors when tilting has been implemented. With this version, the erroneous behavior when tilting has returned. However, it's a little different than it was before. Before, it would immediately flicker and release the keys when pressing the tilt key. Now, it does so a little later.

    It would appear whatever delay or similar threshold applied to a resolution change, has been set too low.