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#182 mac: can't execute (and fix)

Bjarni Corfitzen

I downloaded the 0.61 binary for OSX
It can't execute because it's hardlinked to some SDL dynamic libs

I then downloaded the source to investigate and found the
problem! (this is the good kind of bug reports)

sdl-config --libs hardlinks to some dynamic sdl libs. If the user do
not have them, the app will fail to start
sdl-config --static-libs
are used instead for macs, the problem will be gone
Do not use the LDFLAG static on mac, since it will cause problems
and it works without it

I have looked at the rest of the makefile and didn't notice any
other libs, that could cause problems like this

note: this is hard to notice for a developer because it links to the
developer's libs so it will work for the developer. I did the same
the first time I made binary release ;)


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    I discovered that I have been working on the 0.60 source. The mac port
    are completely broken in CVS :(

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    really ? that's bad.
    could you be more specific ? (the cvs thing (error message
    and such)

    About that sdl-config isue.. Are you sure it isn't a sdl
    issue instead of a dosbox isue.

    Futher the macos bineary isn't created by us. We only link
    to as a convienance.

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    I just compiled. It turned out that my automake worked with 0.60, but
    was too old for the cvs source. Updating fixed it.

    The SDL problem: well, it's sort of an sdl issue, but most mac users don't
    have sdl installed and most don't have a compiler, so they will not get it
    in unix style. That's why most (all?) software for mac links static to unix
    style libs. Zlib is an exception because OSX itself depends on it

    You really don't have a mac developer? I guess I better improve the mac
    part then ;)
    I know how to do it in a makefile, but I have never edited configure files.
    Do you have a good link to get started on that?
    I don't think I have time to do much, but I can fix the lib problem and I
    can make it work on systems older than OSX 10.3
    After that, it should be fairly simple to release binaries too ;)

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    well we provide the source to build dosbox on the mac.
    Therefore the people who build it should have sdl installed.
    If they redistribute those binearies it's their
    responsibility to include sdl.

    We do that with the windows version as well.
    Therefore I close this report.