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#167 Wacky Wheels unsupported Video Mode

graphics (66)
Jonathan Neufeld

I think this is a strange video mode (possibly X mode
0x13 or the like) that 3D Realms Wacky Wheels

Basically the game hangs after the first introduction
screen, then when I press Alt+Tab and then Alt+Tab
again (to switch from and then back to Wacky Wheels)
then I hear the Wacky Wheels music and sound effects
(on its main-menu screen), but no video; in-fact, my
monitor reports: "Unusable Signal".

I downloaded the FreeDOS for a change of pace and the
graphics work fine without a hitch, but the sound doesn't
work under FreeDOS (obviously), so therefore DosBOX
is the best candidate to run Wacky Wheels.


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    Sorry, the description is running without DOSBox; When
    running Wacky Wheels under DOSBox, DOSBox either
    crashes or terminates.

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    Uhm As far as I know the game works.

    Maybe not in 0.60 but in general it did. (dosbox 0.60
    crashes on quite some games which use some FPU related
    Instruction which was missing temporary)

    Could you try the current CVS to see if you still have
    problems (or use the debian package. (
    there you will find the official source and a patch. Apply
    the patch an recompile. See if it works.

    Wacky wheels will not work with 0.58 as you titled this
    report. Dosbox is allready at 0.60.

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    I tested the game today. It works fine.
    If it doesn't work at your pc. Wait for a new version.