#151 Image Squished in full screen

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Joe A. Bunt

Using DOSBox .58 on Windows 2000 Professiona SP-4 w/
Geforce4 MX440 video card. The image has a bar on the
top and bottom in full screen mode. Since older DOS
systems used 320 x 200 as a base, instead of 320 x 240
(or 640 x 480,) it would seem to me that DOSBox is
showing a 320 x 200 image on a 320 x 240 screen.
Letterbox is fine in a movie that is made for it, but it is a
little troublesome in a game that isn't. On the same, but
slightly different, subject, there seems to be a pixel
missing at the pottom of the displayed area. I've
noticed this in both full screen and windowed mode.


  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    I think Direct X is to blame as it doesn't have a full screen
    mode for 320x200

    Can you confirm this harekiet ?

  • Joe A. Bunt
    Joe A. Bunt

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    It may be the Win2K version of DirectX but the screen doesn't
    do that on my Win98 system with DirectX 9. The problem
    there is that my Win98 system is only running a 233mhz P2,
    and DOSBox doesn't really want to run things too well in a
    system that slow (sound is jerky, games run slow regardless
    of what I set the CPU Cycles too, etc..) I really only use
    that system for compatability to some other old games I have
    that DOSBox doesn't do too well with.

  • Sjoerd

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    WEll it's more the videocard drivers, They should provide you
    with a correct screen filling 320x200 and 640x400 resolution
    but some drivers take the 320x240 and 640x480 mode as a
    base for the video mode and just put 20/40 lines at the top
    and bottom.

  • Joe A. Bunt
    Joe A. Bunt

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    Well, If I run the game in native mode (too fast, and the
    versions of MoSlo I have access too don't work,) it runs at
    320 x 200 without letter-boxing it. Unless, the video card is
    automatically "scaling" the image, it has 320 x 200 (or 640 x
    400) mode available. I have noticed, however, that other
    programs do the exact same thing. Any time I set it to 640 x
    400 (or 320 x 200,) it will letter-box in full screen mode on my
    Win2k system, but won't on my Win98 system. Maybe it is
    the Win2k version of DirectX. Will have to contact microsoft
    about that. Though, with their history, I doubt they care.

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    or your videocard drivers differ from win98 to win2k.

    actually it can be also that the games sets the videomode
    (without directX)
    and the directX drivers are failing.

  • Joe A. Bunt
    Joe A. Bunt

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    It's FIXED!!! :) It was actually something rather simple. The
    drivers for my video card allow me to overide the refresh
    rates for each individual resolution. It defaults to asking the
    application (in this case DirectX,) wich resolution to use, if
    the application doesn't answer, or gives an invalid response, it
    uses the pre-set default for that resolution (70hz for 320x200
    or 640x400.) This is why the games looked fine if DirectX
    wasn't used. The problem is that DirectX insists on telling my
    drivers to use 60hz (wich results in a "squished" screen.)
    Unless there is a way for DOSBox to tell DirectX wich refresh
    rate to use (don't know enough about programming,) then
    there is nothing you can do about it. I fixed it by overiding
    the settings and telling my drivers "NOT" to ask for the
    refresh rate. My drivers are now "fixed" at 70hz for those
    resolutions. I still run into the squished screen if I play
    around with the emulation speed while it's running (CTRL-F11
    and CTRL-F12,) but I usually only do that to find out wich
    speed is best for a particular game.

    Sorry to have been a bother :)

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    Dosbox can't do a thing about it. Dosbox leaves the graphics
    to SDL. They handle directX and such.

    Will close this report.
    and mark as invalid as I think it isn't a bug of dosbox. But
    still glad that it got solved though!