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#112 Dos Box needs an installer


Dos Box needs an installer. Every good program has an
installer. It's just that simple. If you'd like me to make
one for the windows platform using InnoSetup let me

Also repsond with any special installer requests such as
icon locations or whatever. Where can I find artwork for
dos box? I need a 53x53 Dos Box logo for InnoSetup.
Christian Blackburn


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  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    hmm dosbox is just a single exe :)
    but okay and a few files :)

    Well maybe there is some artwork done by

    but We don't have a logo or so

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    Okay well I just made an installer using InnoSetup 2.X and I'll
    post it once I've made some sort of graphic. I also need to
    edit a little bit of the text DosBox.isl so that the title bar will
    read DOSBox 0.57 Install, instead of "Setup". After it's been
    posted please don't compile it in InnoSetup 3.x, because that
    will break NT 3.51 support and I suppose that otherwise your
    application would support it? Do you know whether it does or
    doesn't? Also do I need to register SDL.dll or Zlib.dll?
    What about that Screenshot function do I need to include and
    or register libPNG for that?

  • Richard

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    Please dont!

    Installers are terribly annoying. There is no reason for that. I
    absolutley hate installlers which just install one single file.
    Users who aren't able to extract a zip file, shouldn't use
    dosbox. Period.

    Please stay with a zip-file and DON'T switch to this annoying

    As for Icon I don't care. Its just simple unimportant.

    Btw. this is a feature request and not a bug.


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    Hi Trinity78,
    Typically bugs and feature requests are stored in the same
    database. I do not feel at fault for having posting my feature
    request in the Bug database since that's the status quo.
    Also I'm glad that you like to copy files, create folders,
    shortcuts, and registry entries, but the average user doesn't.
    That's the whole problem with open source applications sub
    geniuses can't figure them out. Ever tried Bochs? Ehck!
    You don't ever have to use an installer, I see no reason why
    you can't just get the files and unzip them yourself. However,
    many people prefer an installer and I've made it for them, not
    you, you're preference has already been taken care of. If you
    look around at other open source projects like Bochs you'll
    see that both an installer and a .zip are available surely you
    will agree to that? Why shouldn't everyone have it their way?
    Christian Blackburn

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    Here is the actual install program, gasp.

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    I don't see my files here so I will try this again :).

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    Hmmm.... I still don't see my files listed here. Would one of
    the developers please confirm that they received the files?
    The InnoSetup Program, the app that compiles the install
    script can be downloaded here
    Christian Blackburn

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    Ahh now I see the error message :). I guess my files are too
    large. This feature is probably only for screenshots the
    installer is only 547KB total. That's no big deal :). I'll post it

    This is just a friendly reminder to close this bug as Fixed
    once the installer has been added to our file library.
    Christian Blackburn

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    I stand corrected, this should go in the "RFE" section.
    Woops! I guess they probably need to rename that hyperlink -
    -> "Feature Requests".
    Sorry Guy,
    Christian Blackburn

  • Richard

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    1.) Look at the top of this page and click on the link "Tracker".
    You will see a page which has links to the
    sections "bugs", "patches" and "feature request". It doesn't
    matter in which database the threads are stored, but there is
    a reason for this. It whould be a smart idea to put a feature
    request into the "feature request" section.

    2.) If you just click on the zip or open it with winzip/winrar and
    then extract it. You do NOT need to copy files, create
    shortcuts, create registry entries (dosbox dosen't have any,
    even if it whould have any, they whould be autocreated the
    first time you execute dosbox.exe) or create folders.
    Just click on extract, select the folder, execute dosbox.exe,

    You know what the problem is with installers? The spam your
    harddisk with junk. They create unwanted registry entries,
    they create unwanted entries in the uninstall menu, they
    create unwanted files + directories (installer files) and so on.
    For what reason do you need an installer? To extract 2 files
    and run "dosxbox.exe"?
    [sarcasm]You are right, thats too much for most people.

    Installers make sense for large programs like msvc++, with
    thousand of files/directories/reg-entries, but for programs with
    just one or two files, come on, its stupid.

    As long as there is a zip file version is avialable, I don't care.
    If people want this junk on their harddisk, they are free to do

    3.) Please do not create 5-6 replies. Everytime you reply here
    all people involved with this thread (me, you, qix79) get a
    mail. if you reply 5 times, I get 5 mails. So please think first
    and then write down all your thoughts in a single reply.



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