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[r68] (HEAD) by jdorndog

Made all handlers extend the abstract class HandlerBase.
Added the handler options to the description box when editing elements/pages.
Made the preview window fill the screen when editing pages/elements.
Moved the preview banner code into the $cms_head variable instead of just adding an image tag at the top of the page (above <html>).

2011-10-02 17:36:32 Tree
[r67] by jdorndog

Revamped the cms preview process. Now, all preview data is stored in the session with a 5 minute expiration time. Everytime a page is viewed with preview=true in the url, it bumps up the expiration time. If a page is viewed without preview=true or outside the expiration time, the preview data is unset. This means the previews will be persistent across page views and will work for previewing pages and elements (including css and javascript files) from either direct data or a revision.

2011-09-22 03:27:47 Tree
[r66] by jdorndog

Added page for editing an element's description and handler settings.
Made language links in the default template use the "~~/" prefix for orig_siteroot instead of the "~/" prefix.

2011-09-21 06:20:12 Tree
[r65] by jdorndog

Fixed preview of CSS elements. Before the preview page is loaded, a session variable is set containing all of the information about the previewed css. Then, if the css file is loaded by the admin within 1 minute, it will use the previewed version instead.

2011-09-19 15:07:57 Tree
[r64] by jdorndog

Fixed bug when editing elements due to using "private" instead of "protected" in the Model class.
Added 2 optional callbacks for CSV plugins, filter_input and filter_output. These filter the values array for a row before storing in the CSV list and before sending to the edit dialog respectively.
Made users plugin md5 encrypt passwords again.

2011-09-19 02:53:48 Tree
[r63] by jdorndog

Big changes:

Created ElementModel and PageModel classes and moved all filesystem, ACL, and similar functions out of the CMS class and into these models.

Now, all elements and pages have a specific handler that deals with all the editing and displaying logic. For example, an element might use the HtmlHandler that provides a WYSIWYG editor, or use the CssHandler which has syntax highlighting, or use the Forms handler to create a full HTML form.

Moved use JS files to their own page ("scripts"). These are now managed through the CMS just like CSS files.

Added an Admin bar on the front end site when logged into the CMS that provides several helpful links, including a "show elements" link that visually highlights the various CMS elements on the current page.

Also, many bug fixes and probably many bugs introduced. Known issues: editing element descriptions no longer works, any existing plugins must be converted to the new Handler system in order to work.

2011-09-18 04:07:59 Tree
[r62] by jdorndog

Unified template into one file.

2011-08-13 19:18:24 Tree
[r61] by jdorndog

Added single template file

2011-08-09 03:39:12 Tree
[r60] by jdorndog

Fixed bug where dynamic content was being cached.
Added ability to access single js and css files directly (~/js/filename.js or ~/css/filename.css).
Fixed short tag bug in template

2011-08-07 19:20:11 Tree
[r59] by jdorndog

Added page caching

2011-07-19 02:25:36 Tree
[r58] by jdorndog

fixed ticket 18 (automatically replace "~/" with site_root before outputting html)

2011-07-09 23:51:48 Tree
[r57] by jdorndog

getting ready for version 1.4 release

2011-06-11 16:38:38 Tree
[r56] by jdorndog

Cleaned up translation framework, added Chinese translation

2011-06-11 06:40:12 Tree
[r55] by jdorndog

moved loading of css files before javascript to avoid page content flashing briefly without styles applied.

2011-06-05 00:25:14 Tree
[r54] by jdorndog

Made file preview box fixed width/height

2011-05-25 17:11:28 Tree
[r53] by jdorndog

update references when renaming files/images

2011-05-25 16:35:12 Tree
[r52] by jdorndog

Added ability to rename element,
Fixed bugs on rename page process,
Fixed bug in links plugin,
Made default header code clearer

2011-05-08 18:56:38 Tree
[r51] by jdorndog

added ability to rename pages (more complex than it sounds),
fixed bug where main_text revisions folder wasn't created automatically

2011-05-07 20:45:41 Tree
[r50] by jdorndog

improved page load speed by caching js and css files,
added mobile version of back-end site

2011-04-26 18:45:41 Tree
[r49] by jdorndog

Only showing "see revisions" link when there are revisions

2011-04-08 05:31:17 Tree
[r48] by jdorndog

When adding a new page, automatically create the main_text element and redirect to the choose element page.

2011-04-08 05:24:46 Tree
[r47] by jdorndog

New and improved image/file manager

2011-04-05 21:38:45 Tree
[r46] by jdorndog

fixed magic_quotes_gpc problem

2011-03-31 16:49:05 Tree
[r45] by jdorndog

Made navigation between editing pages and elements easier

2011-03-31 16:13:42 Tree
[r44] by jdorndog

Added full support for mobile versions of pages and elements.

2011-03-31 08:41:20 Tree
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