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Future plans for Domestik

Lot of ideas around Domestik but few updates released : I'm focusing on my "smart home" (Domotique) project, on which, obviously, Domestik will have a central place by providing trends reporting.

For the moment, I'm working mostly on satellites activities, like home temperature monitoring, IoT companions, building an home dashboard ... and Domestik evolves only when it is impacted.... read more

Posted by destroyedlolo 2015-05-09

Version 1.3 released

Thanks to connectivity capabilities of my new BananaPI, we jump directly to 1.3.

Changes vs last release 1.0 :
+ add Delegation allowing that an host can impersonate some others (i.e : freebox, UPS, ... bellow) [v1.1]
+ add French's Freebox ADSL modem tracking (speed, margins, errors, ...) [v1.1]
+ add UPS tracking [v1.2]
+ add EDF's Téléinfo tracking, both current production and consumption electricity as well as counter evolution [v1.3]
+ some bug fixes

Posted by destroyedlolo 2014-10-28

Version 1.2 on tracks

After a long period of minor changes (too busy by work :)), I added UPS support on svn. After some days to qualify, v1.2 will be released.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2014-09-19

version 1.0 released

v0.11 is promoted to v1.0 as I didn't found any problem with 0.11b and I would like to make deep changes in future release (host delegation to come, then alerting, grouping, switch to jquery ...)

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-11-16

Version 0.11 beta released

This should have been 1.0 version but I experienced a very rare conditions where Domestik's probing daemon is crashing : I'm pretty sure it's due to race condition where the probe is trying to investigate about a just died process.
Anyway, on my "production" server, it crashed only 1 or 2 times for last 6 months ...

Time to secure dmkcheckd, this is version 0.11b with tones of improvements :

  • Strategic view with short overview about monitored machines (previous "strategic view" is now named "current alert list").
  • current figures are displayed in live data list
  • network throughput probe
  • ...... read more
Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-11-09

Version 0.10 beta released

  • More modern graphical chart
  • improved "Live Data" window

Caution when upgrading : for better performances, you'll have to create some indexes as per DevNote.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-10-19

Version 0.9 beta released (and moving ahead to 1.0)

Version 0.9b has just been released.

It contains full JVM's memory and garbage collector figures handling and small GUI improvements.

Next to come :
I'll do some small changes in the GUI to improve usability,
After few months of continuous runs, without hiccup, Domestik is mature enough for a stable release : 1.0 is coming.

2.x development is starting with, in my to do list :
open notification mechanism (with mail notification plug-in forecasted)
hosts groups
* ...

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-09-15

Status & future of Domestik

v0.8beta, with Vigie as companion, suits my original goals : the only improvement currently only present in the SVN repository is a probe related to JVM's memory tracking. Probably for v0.9b ... (purging code on way).

Next step : Domestik's own console and Vigie like systray exposition is enough when you're in front of your computer. It's not anymore my case as I restarted my full time job. Consequently, the next step will be to implement versatile and highly configurable mail notification ... probably leading to a webservice exposition as well to ensure open and expendable notification capability.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-06-08

Version 0.8 beta released

This version implements both archiving and purging of data.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-05-13

Version 0.7 beta released

Process tracking and alerting implemented.
Graphics support dual axes.

Bug fix :
Graphics generation for filesystem archiving corrected : despite stored as range,it was displayed as values till now.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-05-09

Version 0.6 beta released

Archiving computation for memory probe is corrected.
Before, buffers and catched archived figures were wrong.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-05-07

Version 0.5 beta released

This new release implements users modification.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-05-05

Version 0.4 beta released

Majors improvements of this version :

  • Graphics generation for Archived data
  • General client configuration file added : your configuration will not be lost when you upgrade Domestik (more explanation on Domestik's website)
  • Add LSB (Debian) and UPstart (Ubuntu) init script.

Even if some functions are still missing (like user definition modification) and if GUI has to be improved, this version implements all basic functionalities and is stable enough for a REAL usage.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-05-03

Version 0.3 beta released

Allow anonymous visitor to view reporting.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-04-25

Version 0.2 beta released

Domestik was deployed on several of my machines. Consequently following changes have been made :
improve readability of client daemons errors especially for ones dealing with connectivity layer.
hardware probe can deal with sensors that don't manage alert themselves but thru *_crit pseudo file.

Posted by destroyedlolo 2013-04-25


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