dom4j 1.5 RC1 released

The dom4j team is pleased to announce the dom4j 1.5-rc1 release!

Changes in this version include:

New Features:

o Added method to Element to retrieve all Namespaces for a given URI. Thanks
to Thomas Diesler.
o Added a booleanValueOf(Object node) method to XPath. Thanks to Ben Scarlet.

Fixed bugs:

o Added the namespace-prefix of attributes to the paths returned by
Attribute.getPath(Element context) and Attribute.getUniquePath(Element
context). Thanks to Aaron Bell.
o Element.declaredNamespaces() now only returns the namespaces that are
declared on that element. Element.additionalNamespaces() now only returns
namespaces that are declared on that element and is not the same as the
namespace of that element. Thanks to Marc Pellmann.
o Escape the values of internal DTD entity declarations when serializing to
XML. Thanks to Marc Pellmann.
o Fixed bug in AbstractElement causing Node.getPath(Element context) to
return an absolute path, even if a the current element was the same as the
context element. The relative path "." is now returned. Thanks to Rob
o Fixed bug in DOMReader causing namespace declarations to get lost in some
situations. Thanks to Thomas Diesler.
o Fixed bug in BeanElement which prevented proper execution of the bean
samples. Thanks to Wonne Keysers.
o Fixed bug in SAXReader that caused problems parsing files in OSX. Thanks to
Paul Libbrecht.
o Fixed bug in XMLWriter that caused whitespace to be added between
successive calls of the characters(...) method. Thanks to Paul Libbrecht.


o Added the GNU JAXP DOM implementation to the default list of
implementations in DOMWriter.
o Added method to ElementStack and DispatchHandler to check if a handler is
registered for a given path. Thanks to Wonne Keysers.
o ElementStack is now a public class. Thanks to Wonne Keysers.
o SAXContentHandler.endElement(...) can now throw SAXException. Thanks to
Wonne Keysers.
o STAXEventWriter now uses XMLEventConsumer instead of XMLEventWriter. Thanks
to Christian Niles.
o Improved performance of NamespaceCache in multithreaded environments.
Thanks to Brett Finnell.

Removed features:

o Removed the DocumentHelper.parseText(String xml, String encoding) method
that was introduced in dom4j-1.5-beta2.

Have fun!
-The dom4j team

Posted by Maarten Coene 2004-07-04