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dom4j 1.5 beta1 release

Hi all,

a first beta of the new dom4j has been released and can be downloaded from http://dom4j.org/ . This release contains several bugfixes and patches, like:

  • Fixed encoding bug in Document.asXML() and DocumentHelper.parseText().
  • Fixed bug in SAXReader that caused problems resolving relative URIs when parsing java.io.File Objects (reported by Kohsuke Kawaguchi).
  • The iterators returned by the Element.elementIterator(...) methods now support remove().
  • DOMWriter writes now DOM Level 2 attributes and elements (reported by Geert Dendoncker and Joury Gokel).
  • Use latest implementation of the Aelfred parser.
  • Fixed some problems with internal/external DTD declarations (reported by Bryan Thompson).
  • Upgraded to Jaxen 1.1 beta 2.
  • Ignore attribute order when comparing Elements in NodeComparator.
  • Fixed bug in XMLWriter where namespace declarations were duplicated.
  • Fixed bug in parsing a Processing Instruction (reported by Vladimir Kralik).
  • Added support for Stylesheet modes (reported by Mark Diggory).
  • Don't escape " and ' characters in attribute values if it's not necessary (contributed by Christian Niles).
  • Fixed some DOMNodeHelper issues (reported by Henner Kollmann).
  • Fixed some datatype issues (reported by Thomas Draier).
  • Fixed an bug where the EntityResolver was not set on the XMLReader.
  • Fixed multithreaded access on DefaultElement.
  • Fixed problem parsing XML Files (reported by Geoffrey Vlassaks).
  • Added xml:space attribute support based on XML Specification 1.0.
  • Maven build of dom4j is now nearly complete. Maven is now used for the website generation.
  • Fixed some bugs in BackedList (contributed by Alessandro Vernet).
Posted by Maarten Coene 2004-03-26