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Dolda Webmail 0.10 released

This release offers foremostly translations into German and Dutch. Credit for these go to Willy Schott and Andre Rikkart de Koe, respectibely. It also supports message sorting and better compliance with a couple of RFCs.

Posted by Fredrik Tolf 2005-08-03

Dolda Webmail 0.8 released

D-mail 0.8 features a few new innovations. The most notable additions to 0.7 are:

* Per-user preferences
* Ability to save sent mails
* Modular stylesheet system
* More navigational features

Bugtesting will be appreciated.

Posted by Fredrik Tolf 2005-01-14

Dolda Webmail 0.7 released

I haven't been working much on d-mail these last months, but I'm releasing 0.7 to accumulate the changes that have been made (mostly bug fixes).

The only major thing in this release is the French translation by Joel Dimbernat. Many thanks to him for that.

Posted by Fredrik Tolf 2005-01-03

Dolda Webmail 0.6 released

I released version 0.6 two days ago. New features include HTML message support and native language support.

Posted by Fredrik Tolf 2004-07-22

Dolda Webmail 0.4 released

I released 0.4 just now. It features messages copying/moving, and some nicer XHTML usage, plus quite a bit of fixes here and there.

Posted by Fredrik Tolf 2004-06-01

Dolda Webmail 0.3 released

Release 0.3 finally features something as revolutionary as documentation. Don't expect too much, but now at least there is a README that explains the basic setup etc.

It also features enhanced mailbox management (including mailbox creation and deletion) and message deletion.

Posted by Fredrik Tolf 2004-05-21

Dolda Webmail 0.2...

...was just released. It features attachment handling (application/*, image/*), and initial folder management.

Please try it today! ;-)

Posted by Fredrik Tolf 2004-05-13

First release of d-mail

I just released version 0.1 of Dolda Webmail (or d-mail for short). Please check it out - I'd appreciate testers.

Posted by Fredrik Tolf 2004-05-11