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Docutils 0.3.7 released


Changes since version 0.3.5:

* A special "line block" syntax useful for addresses, verse, and other
cases of significant line breaks has been added; see
<http://docutils.sf.net/docs/user/rst/quickref.html#line-blocks> and

* Empty sections are now allowed.

* A "raw" role has been added; see

* The LaTeX writer now escapes consecutive dashes (like "--" or "---")
so that they are no longer transformed by LaTeX to en or em dashes.
If you want to write en or em dashes using pure ASCII, please refer to

* A dependency recorder has been added; see

* A directive has been added for compound paragraphs; see

* Many other improvements and bug fixes; see

Posted by Felix Wiemann 2004-12-24