The ``strip-elements-with-classes`` options works works. Thanks!


On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 4:20 AM, Guenter Milde <milde@users.berlios.de> wrote:
On 2011-01-29, Chris Yuen wrote:

> Suppose I want to show a form in a document. For the HTML version, I have
> prepared an "interactive" form that the user can actually submit e.g.:

> .. raw:: html
>     :file: my-form.html

> For other writers (ODT, PDF, etc.), I have prepared a "fallback" version of
> the same form using standard reST. Is there a way I can achieve this kind of
> "graceful degradation" in reST?

Have a look at the config option:

   List of "classes" attribute values; matching elements to be
   removed from the document tree.

   .. WARNING:: Potentially dangerous; use with caution.

   Default: disabled (None).  Option: ``--strip-element-with-class``.

E.g. in a config file you could write::

[html writer]

strip-elements-with-class: no-html

and in the document:

.. raw:: html
   :file: my-form.html

.. class:: no-html

My form

<fallback fromular>

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