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docbook 2012-10-03 paultremblay [r7524] Using lxml for transformations. Test files will...
docpy-writer 2006-06-12 grubert [r4626] Add a modified version of elemttree doc.
docutils_xml 2013-12-07 smerten [r7738] Added class `ZipFileInput`.
dpriest 2007-03-02 wiemann [r4985] removed csvtable implementation; already in the...
dreamcatcher 2003-05-29 dreamcatcher [r1357] Ooops.
dugui 2006-02-28 facundobatista [r4360] Library liberated from SiGeFi project.
edloper 2007-03-02 wiemann [r4984] removed role proposal; already in the core
grubert 2012-05-05 grubert [r7426] remove reportlab license
gschwant 2006-03-22 goodger [r4442] updates from Gunnar Schwant
holdenweb 2004-03-21 holdenweb [r1845] Added to sandbox for PyCON DC 2004 sprint sharing.
html4strict 2013-09-28 milde [r7722] html4-strict: Fix depart_table.
html4trans 2008-03-07 milde [r5533] Correct file locations in internal links
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latex_directive 2006-03-01 wiemann [r4365] fixed executable property
manpage-writer 2013-03-16 grubert [r7631] add test of postscript encoding
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odf2docutils 2013-12-07 smerten [r7739] Adapted to docutils_xml V0.5.
oliverr 2011-10-20 grubert [r7192] Add math-output option , for html-writer
package-doc 2007-08-21 wiemann [r5417] removed hash-mark qualifier syntax alternative;...
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pobrien 2003-12-22 pobrien [r1777] Various fixes
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xhtml2rest 2007-05-31 wiemann [r5174] adjusted name and email address
xml2rst 2013-12-15 smerten [r7741] Added support for <substitution_reference>.
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Read Me

..                            -*- rst-mode -*-

 README: The Sandbox

The Sandbox_ is a place to play around, to try out and share ideas. The
`sandbox/`_ directory is a part of the Subversion repository but it isn't
distributed as part of Docutils_ releases.

It's OK to make a mess in the Sandbox! But please, play nice.

A project-specific subdirectory should be created for each new project.
Any developer who wants to play in the sandbox may create their own
subdirectory (suggested name: SourceForge ID, or given name + family
initial), but project directories are recommended over personal directories,
which discourage collaboration.

For more information, please see the `Docutils Project Policies`_. The
Sandbox is mirrored at the Docutils web site, so the `Docutils Web Site`_
documentation applies as well.

.. These links give readers a way to *go to* the sandbox:
.. _sandbox:
.. _sandbox/: ./

.. _Docutils:
.. _Docutils Project Policies:
.. _Docutils Web Site:

Sandbox Projects

See the `sandbox/`_ directory for a complete list.

Some Sandbox projects, are also sorted into the `Docutils Link List`_.

.. _Docutils Link List:

.. TODO: update the list of important sandbox projects (here or in the link

   The remainder of this section contained descriptions and links to obsolete
   or abadoned projects. Commented out because this give an impression of an
   attic instead of a place for experimenting.

  Projects that are now implemented in Docutils
  * `<code-block-directive>`_ contains documentation, reasoning and
    experimental code for support of syntax highlight in Docutils.
    Preparational work for the `code`_ directive available since version 0.9.
  * `LaTeX math for reST`_ by Jens J. Mortensen writes Math to
    LaTeX or MathML. This is the base of math_ support since version 0.8.
  .. _code: docutils/docs/ref/rst/directives.txt#code
  .. _math: docutils/docs/ref/rst/directives.txt#math
  .. _LaTeX math for reST:
  Documenting Python
  Since Python 2.6, the markup used for the official `Python documentation`_
  is `reStructuredText`_, amended by custom directives. The Sphinx_ toolset is
  used to generate the HTML and LaTeX versions.
  The sandbox contains some of the pervious work done on enabling Docutils to
  write the `"Documenting Python"`__ using rST.
  * `Edward Loper's sandbox
    <>`__.  The example
    "asyncore.rst" file was originally adapted by Steve Holden and Bill
  * `Dave Kuhlman's sandbox
    <>`__ and `his homepage
  * `docpy-writer <>`__ was
    used for ctypes documentation.
  .. _Python documentation:
  .. _reStructuredText:
  .. _Sphinx:
  Project Infrastructure
  `docutils-update <infrastructure/docutils-update>`_ is a script that
  was installed as a cron job on to automatically update the
  Docutils `web site`_ whenever the SVN files change.  Any .html
  document with a corresponding .txt file is regenerated whenever the
  .txt file changes.
  .. _web site: