#178 reST: inconsistent list rendering

HTML writer (6)

Sometimes reST inserts extra paragraph into each list item, the list height increases and it looks ugly.


On August 1st of 2011 Rietveld moved from Subversion to Mercurial.
As a result of ommitting some branches, revision number decreased.

`801:2f5709156db2`_ - 2011-01-10 -- Options meaning changed

- Subversion 1.7 support, by Jocelyn Fiat (issue #359, 5529052)
- Command line options made intuitive (review 5476044)::

1. on first submission
-t, --title issue subject
-m, --message issue description
-F, --file <file> read description from file
2. on issue update
-t, --title new patchset title
-m, --message message to reviewers
-F, --file <file> read message from file

- New upload_complete hook for async processing (review 5440044)
- Print error messages for server errors (review 5399053)
- Fix fail when Hg is executed from subdir (issue #345, 5364065)
- Allow empty files to be uploaded from Git (review 5370042)

`709:840f9bb917ba`_ - 2011-09-22

- Add repository ID field to link Issue with Repository (review 5093045)
- More fixes to fit upload.py options in one screen (review 4962070)

`695:ba3f47e4a614`_ - 2011-09-07

- Hide perforce options unless explicitly requested (4968071)
- --send_patch option to attach diff instead of inline, by Kaelyn (4881041)
- Ignore git submodules when generating diffs (issue #324, 4822044)
- Escape @ in filenames when running SVN commands (issue #322, 4745041)
- Remove MIMETYPES whitelist as a way to detect if file is binary (4641078)


  • SourceForge screwed up markup, so here is the file.

  • Günter Milde
    Günter Milde

    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • status: open --> closed-invalid
  • Günter Milde
    Günter Milde

    This is intended and specified behaviour, see

    > Remove extra vertical whitespace between items of bullet lists and enumerated lists, when list items are all "simple" (i.e., items each contain one paragraph and/or one "simple" sublist only).

    Consistent behaviour (paragraph elements in every list item) can be achieved by setting compact-lists to False (or using the "html-strict" writer from the Docutils sandbox).

    Removing the vertical whitespace between list elements of all lists can be achieved via a custom CSS stylesheet containing a rule like:

    li> p {
    margin-top: 0;
    margin-bottom: 0;