Hacky windows zip collection fix.


  • Anonymous

    Don't know if this has been fixed or not.  I am still on 1.2.2, but downloaded 1.2.5 and did a diff and didn't see anything that looked like a fix.  Also this is very hacky but does the job. 

    Basically I was having some issues with people on windows downloading collections as zips not being able to view the zip file contents.  After a little research I discovered that with the php zip implementation if you use a slash to start the filename windows explorer will not display the contents correctly and will throw an invalid error.

    my fix, I know it is hacky…  Line 178 of apilib/lib/docmgr/collection.php I added:

    $fileName = ltrim($fileName, "/");

    to make sure that the filename var didn't contain a slash at the start of the file.  I tested on windows 7, xp, and ubuntu 11.04 and all systems were able to view the contents of the file correctly.

  • Andrea Taroni
    Andrea Taroni

    Hi, I have experienced the same issue,
    but if I use a program like winrar instead of Windows Explorer to open the zip, then I'll be able to browse correctly the .zip file generated by docMGR.

    Hope it helps, until the problem will be fixed