#30 Moving or deleting a multi-parent object is ambiguous

Hooman Valibeigi

If I move or delete a file which has multiple parent collections, it will be moved or deleted from all those previous parents. This is totally an unsafe operation because:
There is no way to distinguish between multi-parent and single-parent objects from within the browse page, so someone may unexpectedly move or delete files which are also referenced by other collections.

As a suggestion, those multi-parent objects should be easily distinguishable from normal ones.
For example you can put an icon behind those multi-parent objects for two reasons
1- they can be simply differentiated by eye
2- putting the mouse pointer over the icon, pops up a list of parent collections


    • priority: 5 --> 7
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    Forgot to say that, when deleting or moving these objects, the system should explicitly warn that all references from all parent collections will be lost. because the use may think that the object will be deleted from that collection only.

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    Search result only shows one directory path for files that belong to multiple collections.

    • priority: 7 --> 8