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paths for "fixed" files/folders

  • Hi,

    I'd like to burn a collection of loads of pdf's in folder trees onto a cd (and include DocFetcher + Index). The manual says that the portable version must be used with relative paths otherwise "DocFetcher will store absolute references to your files, so you will only be able to move DocFetcher and its indexes around, but not your files".

    What's the point of having to use relative paths if the files/the paths are fixed references anyway?

  • Nam-Quang Tran
    Nam-Quang Tran


    Example: Let's say the locations of the various parts are as follows:
    - PDFs are in D:\docs
    - DocFetcher program folder is D:\DocFetcher-1.1.9
    - indexes are in D:\DocFetcher-1.1.9\indexes

    Now, if you use absolute paths, then the above configuration will only work if your CD drive has the letter "D:". With any other drive letter, you will not be able to preview or open any documents from within DocFetcher. Hence the need for relative paths.

    Best regards
    q:-) <= Quang