#145 patch to use more than 10 unicode chars in callouts

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Ewald Arnold

Maybe there was a reason for limiting the number of unicode characters in callout lists to ten. But I have some lists with 12 characters and needed a fix without creating icons.

The unicode table lists several character areas similar to the ones already in use. My patch extends the existing solution and introduces a new starting value. Both options are covered by the chart "Enclosed Alphanumerics" at


  • Robert Stayton
    Robert Stayton

    Sorry for the long delay in getting to this. I want to thank you for contributing this.

    I tested the patch, but I'm having trouble finding a font that has glyphs in the character range ⓫ through ⓴. My most reliable Unicode font Arial Unicode MS did not have these characters. What font did you use?

  • Ewald Arnold
    Ewald Arnold

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  • Ewald Arnold
    Ewald Arnold


    yes, quite a long time ago :-)

    Unfortunately I have the same problem :-/ Looks like I had mixed up things in these days. I don't remember now, but probably I relied too much on the charts and forgot to actually try immediately. Some time later I found out that I had no font which contained the glyphs. And as I never got a reply from the list I forgot about it. It is amazing but every font contains just some of the glyphs from the chart group but not all, especially not the needed 11 to 20. My greatest hope was Linux Libertine but the last time I tried I had no luck.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Should you succeed somehow I would glad to hear about it :-)