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Huub van Dam

The requested extension regards the HTML output generated for DOI's in bibliographies as specified with the biblioid tag.

Currently the DOI's are transformed into simple text strings in the HTML version of the bibliography. However considering
- that there is a central registry of DOI's at http://dx.doi.org and
- that if <doi> represents a DOI the actual object can be referenced through http://dx.doi.org/<doi>
it would be really nice if an actual URL could be produced in the HTML output. For (scientific) papers this would allow a reader to go straight to the original publication from bibliography of the document he/she is reading. This is much more useful than having to do this by hand.

To illustrate my request I have attached a tar file containing a very simply bibliography and the HTML document that is currently produced as well as the HTML document that I think would be desirable to have.

I hope this is a very simple modification to make and that you are willing to consider it.

Best wishes, Huub van Dam


  • Huub van Dam
    Huub van Dam

    Sample files illustrating the requested extension

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