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#37 chunk book TOC in separate file

XSL (399)
Erik Hennum

Release: DocBook XSLT / HTML 1.42

Request: chunk the top-level book TOC
in a separate file when requested via an
optional parameter.

The book TOC file might be second in the
next-prev browse sequence. The book title
page might contain a simple list of chapter
titles and any book information including
the abstract.

If the top-level book TOC does receive
special treatment, it would be helpful to add
a distinct template to control generation
of this TOC. That way, users could override
the template to emit the TOC with Dynamic HTML
for an expandable / collapsible tree.

Rationale: For a large book, the book TOC
is enormous. Emitting the book TOC in the
book's title page slows down initial access
to the book and hides the book information
such as publication date, release number,
and so on.


    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • assigned_to: nobody --> xmldoc
  • Logged In: YES

    I agree that there really should be an option for
    chunking the book titlepage into a separate file, all
    by itself, and the the TOC into another file, all by
    itself. I'm sorta surprised we don't already have such
    an option.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed