#229 de-support Passivetex

XSL (399)

Users have reported that v1.61.3 is that latest version
of the stylesheets distro that works with Passivetex.

I don't think anybody from the team wants to do the job
of figuring out just what's broken or making the changes
needed to workaround the Passivetex deficiencies -- or
going forward, is willing to test and ensure that we
haven't made any changes that will Passivetex output.

And Sebastian seems to have no interest in fixing
Passivetex itself.

Given all that, I'd like to suggest that we de-support
Passivetex by making a code change such that, if a user
sets the passivetex.extensions param, the stylesheets
emit a message such as the following:

The DocBook XSL stylesheets no longer support
Passivetex. If you need an open-source XSL-FO engine,
try FOP. If you need a TeX-based solution, try using
the DB2LaTeX XSL stylesheets instead.



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    Actually, I may have jumped the gun on this.

    I've been able to successfully generate output with
    every test doc I've tried. I see some problems in
    output -- one is problem of literal "0.60 + 1 em"
    showing up for all list items. I will "fix" that by
    reverting behavior conditionally. Other is problem of
    some TeX artifacts: "Part A0 fotex" showing up in TOC.
    That seems fixable as well.

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date