#225 isbn is not formatted ?

XSL (399)
Sam Steingold

is rendered in both XHTML and FO as just the number,
without the "ISBN" prefix.
is this intentional?
am I supposed to write
<isbn>ISBN 0-130-30552-9</isbn>


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    Yes, it appears to be intentional that the XSL
    stylesheets do not add generated "ISBN" text. As far as
    I can tell, the DSSSL stylsheets do not add it either.

    And processing expectations section for isbn in the
    Definitive Guide does not say anything about generating it.

    I think that's probably because there are instances
    where someone might not want to generated text for
    every ISBN. For example, if you had a long list of
    ISBNs and did not want the "ISBN" string pre-pended to
    each one.

    If you want it, the workaround is to put it into a
    customization layer. Post to docbook-apps if you want a
    solution for that (so we have a record of it in the
    list archive). If nobody else responds with on list
    with a solution, I will.