#592 inlinemediaobject not in refpurpose children list

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Davor Ocelic

I have a document of type 'reference', containing

I want to include an image (small icon) in the refentry
title. This works well for the actual generated
refentry title bar, but in the Table of Contents, the
image is stripped and does not appear there.

After a discussion with nwalsh, I think this is a bug,
because in usual <title> elements, images are preserved.

So, I think first problem is that inlinemediaobject
isn't allowed inside
refpurpose in the DTD. The second problem is that
refpurpose doesn't treat its contents the way <title> does.

The example page which you can try to process and see
the problem yourself is at
http://colt.projectgamma.com/docbook/refpurpose.img/ .
I removed all my setup-specific contents so it looks
pretty ugly and all, but you can see the problem -
There's a nice "NEW" icon in the "breadcrumbs" element
title, but there isn't any in the TOC.



  • Robert Stayton
    Robert Stayton

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    Since the DTD does not support inlinemediaobject inside
    refpurpose, you really can't expect the stylesheets will be
    changed to handle invalid documents. You first need to get
    the DTD changed by filing a request on the DocBook RFE
    tracker in SourceForge. The stylesheets always follow behind
    the DTD.

  • Robert Stayton
    Robert Stayton

    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Robert Stayton
    Robert Stayton

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    I'm going to close this bug because there has been no action
    to add inlinemediaobject to the refpurpose element in the
    DTD, so there is no point in adding it to the stylesheet. We
    can reopen this if the DTD is changed.