#584 slides: Validation error: two ids per HTML slide

output: Slides
XSL (1066)
Emma Jane Hogbin

For each slide there are two id="slide#" assignments.
There should only be one. Found in the xhtml output
using the frames.xsl style sheet.


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    Unable to reproduce. Please upload a test document and
    your customization layer (if any). Also, please post a
    description of your toolchain -- in particular, which
    XSLT engine and what version of that engine.

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    I tested with the sample-slide-show.xml file you
    uploaded for the DOCTYPE issue, but have not been able
    to reproduce this.

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    Looking at your output, I see instances like this:

    <div class="foil" id="developing-an-outline"><a

    But looking at the Slides code, I can't see that the
    Slides stylesheets would ever output that. What they
    would output is this:

    <div class="foil"><a name="developing-an-outline"/>

    That is, no id on the class=foil div and name= (instead
    of id=) on the anchor.

    Are you using a customization of some kind?

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    In slides-3.3.1//xsl/xhtml/frames.xsl:

    1266 <div class="{name(.)}" id="{$id}">
    1267 <a id="{$id}"/>

    What version of the style sheets are you using? This is
    where the error is being generated. By removing line 1267
    the problem is fixed--you could also rename the id= in 1267
    to name= if the double attribute was necessary. You'd need
    to check with the JavaScript that Norm (?) wrote to see if
    there really needs to be two instances of the {$id}. I'm
    almost 99% certain that the escond line could be removed though.

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    You are completely right. I was testing from a CVS
    sandbox, not the 3.3.1 release. Looking at a built
    sandbox now, I'm seeing that same as you.

    This is definitely a bug. Raising priority. I will
    check into the code and see how to fix this.

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    Note that the Slides xhtml stylesheets are generated from
    the html sources. So there is is bug in the tool that's used
    to generate them. That's where this needs to be fixed.

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    Root cause is that the slides/xsl/xhtml/html2xhtml.xsl
    file contains a template that changes <a name='foo'>
    instances to <a id='foo'>

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