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#1298 Erroneous HTML table output from CALS

dtd: Slides
XSL (1066)

This bug in docbook-xsl-ns version 1.78.1 affects the following outputs: html, xhtml, xhtml1_1, xhtml5

When a Docbook CALS table is created with the attribute rowheader="firstcol", and one of the first column row entries is given the attribute morerows="2" or more, successive non-first column entries are erroneously marked as table headers (i.e. given the tag th) in the HTML output.

Attached is a minimal example and an illustrative screenshot. Notice how in the screenshot "e" and "a" are marked in bold, because in the HTML they are mistakenly given <th>, while the surrounding row entries are non-bold because they are correctly marked up in the HTML as <td>.


  • I can't seem to add another attachment after I posted the XML minmal example. I’ve put the screenshot up at, but for long-term availability it would be good if it could somehow be posted to this bug report.

  • Robert Stayton
    Robert Stayton

    • status: open --> pending-fixed
    • assigned_to: Robert Stayton
    • Group: --> dtd: Slides
  • Robert Stayton
    Robert Stayton

    I checked in a fix to html/table.xsl for this issue, and it should appear in the next XSL snapshot build.