#1228 WebHelp search results summary - improper markup

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David Gardiner

The markup suggested to generate a summary for search results in WebHelp improperly generates content in the output HTML chunks. When a <phrase role="summary"> or <abstract> is added to a section to specify the search summary, this text is created in the resulting HTML which is undesireable behaviour.

In WebHelp /docsrc/readme.xml:
"When you perform a search, the results can include brief summaries. These are populated in one of two ways:
By adding role="summary" to a para or phrase in the chapter or section.
By adding an abstract to the chapterinfo or sectioninfo element."

Any suggested markup (template matches) for the search summary must be excluded from processing, as this should *only* appear in a search summary.


  • Hi David,
    For now, you may use the following as a solution.
    Add the following code segment to your CSS files or positioning.css file provided in default webhelp. This basically hides the abstract section since it has the css class name 'abstract'.

    .abstract {
    display: none;

    I'm not sure adding this to the default webhelp output though. Since the abstract is coming from docbook xhtml stylesheets, some users may be using it. This is not particularly a bug. From the description, I take it you don't use generally add abstract section to the source?