#3 Enable number key control for selecting dialog options


In conversations/interactions, there are numbers in front of your options. It should be possible to select these options by pressing numbers on the keyboard. Both top row and numpad (when numpad is active)

I see three options:
1. Support 10 options and when there are more, require mouse use.
2. Support 10 options and when there are more, ignore/don't display the ones that are too many and maybe display a warning that tells the designer to change the number of options).
3. Allow to "scroll" thought "sets" of options when there are more than 10: divide options into packs of =<9 and make the last option ("10" on the first page) be a "[more]" option, that switches to the next set. The "[more]" option on the last set returns to the first set.

3 is probably the way to go, since something like that might need to be implemented anyway for when options are too long for the screen. Unless DNT uses scrolling for that case.


  • many conversation options

  • long conversation options

  • Farrer

    For now, the number of options is limited to max of 5. If it appears to be necessary more options (I don't think so, as it could make each dialog state too much complex for the player to read and decide what to do) I can implement more options...

    About the selection by numbers (the real reason of this feature request), I'll implement it when got some time again (should be very easy to do)...

  • Farrer

    Implemented the key selection. Should be working on git now.

  • Very good.

    An addition would be to color the 'pressed number' selection, as if the mouse would be hovering it. (however, what to do if mouse hovers and key is press-held?...)

    Actually, there are 3 states:
    1. normal
    2. mouse over
    3. mouse over+press or key-number-press.

    And 2 and 3 can be combined either on the same option or two different options.

    Wow, this is complex.

    Sounds would be nice additions as well. For mousebuttonrelease/keyrelease, perhaps:

    Perhaps one for mouse hover too?

  • Farrer

    Implemented the color. As it only have 2 states (item is selected or not) and just only item is selected per time, to simplify the interaction, the keyboard interaction have precedence over mouse: if a number key is pressed, it ignores the mouse input until it's released.

    Added the sounds you linked. Now I think this feature-request is finished.

  • excellent!



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