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Read Me

|                              DNT                           |

0   - License
I   - Requeriments
II  - Instalation
III - Execution
IV  - Input
V   - Contacts

|                        0 - License                         |
   DNT  source  code  is  released  under  GPLv3 or any later 
version.   The   content   created  by  the   DNTeam  is  also 
released  under  GPLv3  or  later.  Other  content  is either 
licensed under GPLv2 or later or CC-BY or CC-BY-SA licenses.

   See the detailed license attribution files at:

   Any  not  explicit attributed file is, by default, licensed 
under GPLv3 or later, and was created by DNTeam.

   See  the  DNT's GIT repository* to get source files for all 
contents  on  the game (.blend files).

* git://dccnitghtmare.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/dccnitghtmare/dccnitghtmare

|                      I - Requeriments                      |

   The  DNT  compilation and execution needs some software and 
hardware. They are:

      Cal3D     - http://home.gna.org/cal3d/
      OpenAL    - www.openal.org
      SDL       - www.libsdl.org
      SDL_image - www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_image/
      SDL_ttf   - www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_ttf/
      LibVorbis - http://www.vorbis.com/

      Video  Card  with  3D  aceleration, OpenGL  compatible.

|                      II - Instalation                      |

1) Source-Code Distribution

   a) LINUX, BSD, *NIX

   To "install" DNT, decompact the tar.bz2, go to the directory
"dnt",  run   ./configure ,   run   "make"   and,   optionally, 
"make install".


   farrer@anamabeka:~/$ tar -xvjf dnt.tar.bz2
   farrer@anamabeka:~/$ cd dnt
   farrer@anamabeka:~/$ autoconf
   farrer@anamabeka:~/dnt/$ ./configure
   farrer@anamabeka:~/dnt/$ make
   farrer@anamabeka:~/dnt/$ sudo make install

   NOTE: the  'make install'  isn't  necessary:  you  can run 
         the game at its local folder.

   NOTE: Any error in the "configure" proccess,  probably  is 
         related with missing development packages for needed
         libraries. Check if you installed them.

   NOTE: If  you  didn't  install  the game, in  order to the 
         language   be   changed,   you'll   need   to  do  a 
         "make install" only  in  the "po" folder. Otherwise,
         the game will be only in english.
   b) WINDOWS (We hope you're not using it on Ruindow$).

   To   compile   DNT   on    windows,   you'll   need    the 
Code::Blocks IDE.  Open the project at ./windows folder on it 
and compile.
   Don't blame us. Blame Microsoft!

   c) OSX

   You could  either do the Linux proccess or open the XCode4
project at macos/DccNiTghmare folder and compile there.

   NOTE: Under XCode4 you'll probably need to change paths to
         your installed libraries to be able to compile it.

|                       III - Execution                      |

[*nix note: We'll need to be on X.]

1) Normal Execution (with "make install")

   Just run "dnt" command.  Or, to run the map editor just run 
"dntMapEditor" command.

2) Local Execution (without "make install")

   To   execute  the  program  without  "make install",  go to 
directory ./bin and run the file dnt .

|                        IV - Input                          |

   Those are the defaults. You can  change  the keymap  in the

                 | Camera Movimentation |

mouse at left corner  =  turn camera                  (0-360°)
left arrow            =  turn camera left             (0-360°)
mouse at right corner =  turn camera                  (0-360°)
right arrow           =  turn camera right            (0-360°)
up arrow              =  increases zoom               (X-Ym)
down arrow            =  decreases zoom               (X-Ym)
home                  =  maximize zoom
end                   =  minimize zoom
pageup                =  camera up                    (0-89°)
pagedown              =  camera down                  (0-89°)
insert                =  put camera on the top
delete                =  put camera on the floor
middle mouse button   =  free move the camera

              | Character Movimentation |

mouse right button = move character to position
mouse left button  = do some action
a          =  turn left                       (0-360°)
d          =  turn right                      (0-360°)
w          =  forward                         (0-?)
s          =  backward                        (0-?)
q          =  move left                       (0-?)
e          =  move right                      (0-?)
tab        =  make active next character 
lctrl+tab  =  make active previous character
y          =  protect effect
space      =  enter battle mode
r          =  show range of action
                    | Auxiliars Windows |

m      =  Open MiniMap window
i      =  Open Inventory window
c      =  Open Character Window
j      =  Open Journal Window

|                        V - Contacts                        |

Contact us via the forum at http://dnt.dnteam.org .