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DNS Blocker Version 0.1.1

DNS Blocker 0.1.1 addresses some minor items on the TODO list including configuration refreshing via the HUP signal, better logging via syslog, and relocated configuration files. The software provides a network administrator with the ability to block unwanted network traffic by returning "false" responses to DNS queries.

Posted by David Hoelzer 2001-01-18

Initial Release!

The DNS Blocker (Dave's Naughty Stuff Blocker) is GPL'd open source solution to allow system and network administrators to efficiently block access to sites based on a set of strings for matching as well as a list of explicitly restricted sites. Support is included to allow the administrator to redirect these requests to an internal web server which would normally be configured to respond with an "Access Denied" page.

Posted by David Hoelzer 2001-01-14