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Prebuild / News: Recent posts

Prebuild 2.0.3 released

This release just rolls up the changes and submitted patches from the last release.

Posted by D. Moonfire 2008-12-21

.NET Prebuild Autotools update

.NET Prebuild is a cross-platform XML-driven pre-build tool which allows
developers to easily generate project files for major IDE's and .NET
development tools including: Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, 2005,
SharpDevelop, MonoDevelop, NAnt and Autotools.

The format of prebuild.xml files is described here:

Recent work has been done to address some of the problems with the
autotools target. This work is now wrapped up and merged into trunk.... read more

Posted by C.J. Adams-Collier 2007-04-18

1.3.1 Released

[ July 21, 2006 - 1.3.1 ]
! VS2005 fixes from Rob Loach
! NAnt fixes from Rob Loach and David Hudson
! XML doc fixes from Rob Loach
+ Added SharpDevelop2 target (really just uses VS2005 target)
! Fixed bug with BuildEvents in Monodevelop target
+ Passing /yes will default to answering yes to any warnings

Posted by Rob Loach 2006-07-21

Prebuild Now On SVN

Prebuild now uses SourceForge's Subversion as its source control management system instead of CVS. Information on the new SVN is available in the .NET Prebuild SourceForge project site.

Posted by Rob Loach 2006-03-04

1.3.0 Released

[ February 28, 2006 - 1.3 ]
+ Added MonoDevelop target.
+ Added NAnt target.
+ Lots of fixes to all targets.
* Cleaned up the code using FXCop.
* Updated schema to 1.6 to fix a typo and add a new parameter.
* jendave is now the maintainer of the project. RobLoach has been added as a developer.
* Removed references to 'dnpb'.
+ Added rudimentary support for pre- and post- build scripts
* Updated examples.

Posted by David Hudson 2006-03-01

NAnt target started

I have started work on a NAnt target. A simple target is in cvs. It can create a few simple build files - enough to compile Prebuild itself at least.

Posted by David Hudson 2006-01-27

MonoDevelop Target Added

A new MonoDevelop target was added to CVS.

Posted by David Hudson 2006-01-27

.NET Prebuild v1.1 Released

.NET Prebuild is a cross-platform XML-driven pre-build tool which allows developers to easily generate project or make files for major IDE's and .NET development tools including: Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003, SharpDevelop, MonoDevelop, and NAnt.

This release fixes several problems and adds additional usage options to the schema.

Posted by Dan Moorehead 2005-04-01

Tao Framework Uses .NET Prebuild

Along with the RealmForge GDK and Axiom, the Tao Framework - the de facto set of game development library bindings for .NET applications - also uses .NET Prebuild.

The Tao Framework provides managed .NET wrappers for native libraries such as Cg, DevIL, FreeGLUT, ODE, OpenAL, OpenGL, and SDL without changing the API so that the native documentation can be used. It will help you produce your application in C#, VB.NET, C++.NET and any other .NET language quickly and effectively, whether you're creating a cutting-edge game, a graphics demo, a data visualization application, or an audio application, there's something for every developer. The Tao Framework is released under the MIT license works with other .NET implementations such as Mono to develop cross-platform applications.

Posted by Dan Moorehead 2005-01-12

RealmForge GDK and Axiom using .NET Pre-Build

Two major open-source projects - the RealmForge GDK and Axiom - are currently using .NET Pre-Build. The RealmForge GDK a cross-platform, rendering-engine-independent 3D game development middleware for the .NET Framework and Axiom is the C# port of the popular OGRE 3D rendering engine. .NET Pre-Build works well with projects which make use of source control because it is able to generate the project files automatically from all source code and resource files present or those defined explicitly or even by matching a pattern or regular expressions.... read more

Posted by Dan Moorehead 2004-12-29

.NET Pre-Build v1.0 Released

.NET Pre-Build is a cross-platform XML-driven pre-build tool which allows developers to easily generate project or make files for major IDE's and .NET development tools including: Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003, SharpDevelop, MonoDevelop, and NAnt.

This stable 1.0 version of .NET Pre-Build has been released! .NET Pre-build has been thoroughly tested, with documentation and sample XML prebuild configuration files with inline notes and descriptions now available. There are now batch and Unix Shell Script files for common prebuild operations. The website has also been updated with the new documentation and schema. Also, an icon has been added to the website.... read more

Posted by Dan Moorehead 2004-12-29

Website Changes and Documentation

There have been many changes to the projects homepage as well as its Trove categorization for The website has had its schema updated and documentation finally uploaded. Also, it is now much easier to view and navigate the entire XML configuration file schema on the homepage. The newly added documentation will now allow other users to easily get started with using .NET Pre-build, the cross-platform XML-driven build and project file generation utility for the .NET Framework.

Posted by Dan Moorehead 2004-12-29

Dan Moorehead added as project developer

As many of you may have noticed, I have been somewhat inactive for quite some time. I started a new job over the summer (I originally wrote DNPB while I was not working, to help keep my skills sharp). Since then I have moved, become engaged and had any number of smaller life events happen. All this has added up to me neglecting DNPB a bit.

Dan has been a user since just after I released the first DNPB and has helped with a ton of suggestions and bug fixes. He probably knows the source base nearly as well as I do at this point, and will do a great job in helping to update DNPB.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-12-20

dnpb-0.12.2a released

Bug fix release. Fixes a major bug that was causing 0.12.2 to be unusable. How I didn't catch it, I don't know. It should be fixed now though.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-09-27

dnpb-0.12.2 released

Another release of DNPB is here! Several bug fixes and a couple of new features. As a side note, the schema on the main website is finally updated. My apologies for taking so long to do this!

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-09-15

dnpb-0.12.1 released

New version of DNPB hot off the compiler. Some great new features including preprocessing and environment variable expansion. See the change notes for more details! Special thanks to Dan Moorehead for some great bug information.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-08-05

dnpb-0.11.4 delayed for dnpb-0.12.0

I have decided to delay the 0.11.4 release, instead opting to wait until I have 0.12.0 complete. I have implemented the most difficult 0.12.0 feature (the preprocessor), so the rest should be a breeze. Expect 0.12.0 early next week! In the mean time, you can check out the first round of 0.12.0 features in CVS.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-07-30

dnpb-0.11.4 coming soon!

I have been terribly inactive lately, what with getting a new job and all. I promise that 0.11.4 is coming soon though! Some great new additions and fixes in this version thanks to Dan Moorehead of the RealmForge GDK project ( Expect the release in the next few days.

In the mean time, if you are feeling frisky, you can get the latest changes from CVS.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-07-27

dnpb-0.11.3 released

New version of dnpb with numerous bug fixes. As always, see the change log for the latest goodness!

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-05-11

dnpb-0.11.2 released

Minor bug fix and feature completion release over 0.11.1. Thanks to Randy Ridge for helping me find some of the more obscure bugs and oversights.

As always, the change notes has detailed descriptions of what was changed.

Please note, this verison also entails a schema version change to 1.2. Please see the schema on our homepage and the change notes for a description of what changed from schema 1.1 to 1.2.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-04-22

dnpb-0.11.1 released

Minor bug fix in this release and a new schema version, 1.1, with a significant change in structure. Older DNPB build files referencing schema 1.0 will fail to work with this build. Please use 0.11.0 if you need to use a 1.0 schema based file.

See the change log for complete details.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-04-22

dnpb-0.11.0 released

Brand new release of DNPB hot off the compiler! Lots of changes in this release, so many in fact, that I decided to jump a major beta forward to 0.11.0. Check out the release notes for a list of changes!

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-04-19

dnpb-0.10.1a released

This is a minor bug fix release over 0.10.1a. The release notes for 0.10.1a are as follows:

[ April 13, 2004 - 0.10.1a ]
+ Added the buildAction attribute to the File node. This is needed for dnpb
to even be able to bootstrap itself (dnpb-1.0.xsd must be an embedded resource)

This is the first major milestone for dnpb, as it can now bootstrap itself from the included prebuild.xml file.

Please report any bugs using the Bugs tracker. Expect a 0.10.2 release in the next week.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2004-04-13