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System Data Stream and Modules definition

I have finished the data stream illustration and module definition, please download it and take a look.
Till now, I have finished all the preparation for this project.If you really want to take part in , pls. post message in forum and tell me which part you want to contribute.
There are four parts of this system you can choose, they are:
1. MPEG4 decode/encode system
2. Multimedia Database
3. Combiner and Delivery Node
4. Client Software & System Control center & Admin interface... read more

Posted by Peng Zhe 2002-03-14


I you haven't finish the survey,
Pls. do it in Surveys Section of DNOD project page.So that we can keep on going with our project.

Posted by Peng Zhe 2002-02-21


Pls. finish the survey in survey section or access http://sourceforge.net/survey/survey.php?group_id=44453&survey_id=12753
, so that we can go on with our project.

Posted by Peng Zhe 2002-02-20

System Architecture Specification

I have finished the system specification documentation, pls. download and read it, put your response into forum if any questions or suggestions.

Posted by Peng Zhe 2002-02-19

Welcome prince1 zhc & gitarmasta

Welcome prince1 zhc & gitarmasta
Thanks for your help.

Posted by Peng Zhe 2002-02-19

New version of VOD system prototype update

I have uploaded the lastest version of VOD system all by myself. The client software of this system haven't been finish.
I will make it in few days.

Posted by Peng Zhe 2002-02-08